stop smoking

Stop smoking

Stop smoking permanently with prescription treatment Champix tablets – increases the chance of stopping smoking – from DrFox online doctor.

Why you should stop smoking

Smoking is bad for you, but why does quitting make life better?


When a person stops smoking they have more cash, £2,000 extra every year for a person smoking 20 a day. They are more appealing to the opposite sex. Men are less likely to have problems with erections. Women tend to be more fertile. Skin will age more slowly and teeth will be whiter.

Breathe easier

People breathe more easily and cough less when they stop smoking. It is unusual for non-smokers to get short of breath doing simple tasks at any age. Life-long smokers are often breathless. Within 9 months of stopping smoking the lungs work better. Stopping smoking may make the difference between a healthy active old age and one dogged by breathing problems.

Live longer

It's common knowledge that smokers die younger. A man of 30 who gives up smoking will live on average 10 years longer. It does not matter at what age smoking is stopped it will always improve the chances of a longer life.

Champix X 50 Tablet

Champix X 50 Tablet

About ChampixChampix tablets (from Pfizer) contain varenicline, which is used to help stop smoking. ..

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

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