• Cialis & Tadalafil X 100 Tablet

Cialis is the more expensive branded form of the generic medicine Tadalafil. Both medicines have EXACTLY the same active ingredient and will work in EXACTLY the same way. Generic medicines are always better value for money.

When drug companies first make a medicine, they have a certain period of time where they exclusively hold the licence for that product and therefore have a monopoly on the medicine and its price. This can help them to recoup the cost of the research and development of the medicine in the first instance.

However, once this licence expires, other drug manufacturers are able to make the same product (the generic) which opens the market up to competition and prices for medicine are often reduced.

We only source from fully UK licensed generics drug manufacturers (Actavis, Mylan, Teva, Milpharm) so you can be assured of the quality of medicines you receive. The actual generic brand medicine you receive will, however, be dependent upon stock availability.

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Cialis & Tadalafil X 100 Tablet

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